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Looking back

four years and four months

I was given a chance to see the world. I took the risk and I am glad I did. Seeing a different "world" other than my own was very interesting. It can change your perspective in life. But time to time, I still look at "foreigners" in awe (more of admiration.)

When I bought my very own camera (digital), I took pictures almost everything until I got to start taking photos "with care" (well, one of the reasons was saving up the batteries when travelling with difficult access to electricity.) and made compositions.

Looking back made me miss travelling. I always smile remembering those days. Highly educational; I have learned a few things here and there; Gained and lost some friends; I even learned how to prepare some dishes. yum! yum!

Reminiscing.. reminiscing... Its like a memory game. I will fill in some entries about my travels. I just need to remember them and make myself sit down just like now and start writing. Hmmm... that will make my appetite to travel beyond the borders grow more. Wish to win a round-the-world package-all-in that is good for 2 (I will go with my husband) - that will be a treat! Only in my dreams. But for now, when can I get started with the writing? hmmm...

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